Lighting A Tunnel

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Lighting A Tunnel?

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ok here is the deal i have a extra credit project due fo res. wiring class. and i am LOST. i need to hook up 6 switches with 6

lights, there can be only two lights on at a time when u turn on one switch it turns on the light in front and turns off the

one in back off but leaves the light right above it on, like lights in a long tunnel. i can use any combination of the

following single pole/double pole/three-way/four-way.

i kinda know u have to have three-ways at each end but after that i am very lost. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

in advance

Relative Schematic Image Below

[Linked Image]

*** Please Note: ***

I am unsure who sent the original AutoCAD version of this Schematic to me, as it was sent via E-mail quite a while back.
I appologize for the delay. The file got "Lost" on my network, and just recently found (found it today!).
Since I am uploading several other posts today, figured this would be a good time to upload the "Tunnel Lighting" drawing too.

When this drawing was first sent to me, I did not have a compatible AutoCAD version to open the file.
Now a more current version of AutoCAD exists on my machine! (right now, it's AutoCAD 2000, but there is speculation of a nice

full version of AutoCAD 2005 showing up here very soon!)

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