Hello all,

The Panel Schedules, Directories and Switchboard Schedules package is available on-line for free downloading from my [very in need of work] Website.

These are the "Basic" ones, or the "First Version" ones which have crude calculations, but overall nice looks.

More precice and better calced ones will be available soon!!!

Try to download the file Pscheds1 directly from this link.

If that does not work, go to the Home Page of my site [and please do not laugh at it! I know it needs work!], then select "Panel Schedules" from underneath the "Downloads" in the left hand side pane.

They are contained within a self-extracting archive [ZIP archive] and use the Office 97 program [or higher].
For the Mac and Linux users, I am sorry to say I only have these items in good old "Big Blue" format [i.e. IBM / Microsoft]. If you have translation software, maybe they will work [???].

Let me know if there are any questions or comments by E-Mail at:


Use the subject:
"Panel Schedules"
to get placed in the right spot by the "Good Filters". Please do not use the "Quotes" as shown above - just the text.

If you do go to my site, please try not to laugh too much [Linked Image] I have very little Website knowledge and it's embarassing!

As I told Bill;
I can build Machines, create and administrate LANS, design systems, debug and fix machines when they go nuts - but couldn't hack a website if my life depended on it!
Just no experience!

Scott SET

In case my UBB stuff doesn't work above, here's the links in "Bland Fashion":

Home page:

Panel Schedules link:

***FYI*** Just found out that the "Direct Link" is no good. Please go to the Home Page, then select "Panel Schedules" from the "Downloads" links.


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