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Schematic of a High Reactance type Ballast for H, M, and L Lamps.
Here's an Autotransformer input to common Reactor core type Ballast, used for Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide and Low Pressure Sodium lamps.
If you have used Advance Ballasts, this type of Autotransformer input is the "Quadra-Volt" series, typical of the HX, CW, CWA and Reg Lag type Ballasts.
** NOTE ** Once again, the Capacitor connected across the "Primary Winding" is to raise the Power Factor [PF] from Nominal - 50%, to High PF - +90%. This is common to the HPS ballast below.

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This is the High Pressure Sodium version of the High Reactance [HX] type Ballast. Some Metal Halide lamps use this version also.
It's very similar to the one above, just that the tap from the Autotransformer to the Reactor coil's end is made to a point that equals either 100 VAC, or 200 VAC - depending on the lamp's arc tube voltage [55 volts for medium base, 100 volts for mogul base].
Also, this incorporates the High Voltage Pulse Ignitor in the circuitry.

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Here it is!! Look in the Electrical Theory area under the subject heading of:
Discussion On: HID High Reactance Ballasts .

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Will it work... time will only tell [Linked Image] - or "Corn-Fused" which is the creation of a new Element [Wheat] from a 2 step Fusion Reaction of Corn:
1: 2 Corn1 Elements combine to create Cornterium Oxide [Heavy Corn]- or Corn2,
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Each step will have a thermal reaction.

Similar to this, a "Corn Fission" reaction is where the complex Element of Wheat is fissioned by high speed Electrons, which breaks the Wheat into one Corn1 and one Corn2 Elements.
The thermal reaction results from a loss of mass.

[this should stir up some comments [Linked Image] let's see what MIT thinks of this one [Linked Image]]

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