10 Year Fire Death Rate in Ontario: All Fatalities and Fatalities in Preventable Structure Fires
January 18, 2006

Dear Fire Chief:

It is encouraging for communities and the fire service that to date, fire statistics for 2005 once again present good news: the lowest fire death rate in our recent history and the lowest preventable structure fire death rate. In 2005, the fire death rate and the rate for preventable structure fire fatalities were 6.8 and 5.3 fire deaths per million population respectively. The attached chart provides details.

Fire prevention and public education continue to play a critical role in the decline of fire deaths and fire losses. The public educators and fire prevention officers are to be commended for their exceptional efforts in this regard. It is also important to recognize the contributions of all members of the fire service including the first responders as they have contributed significantly to reducing our fire losses.

We must not rest on our laurels and must continue to intensify our efforts to further reduce the number of fire tragedies that still occur in the province. It is hoped that the Cigarette Ignition Propensity Regulations introduced last year will be a positive factor in reducing the number of fires in years to come. We are also optimistic that the provincial smoke alarm strategy will save more lives and reduce the number of times firefighters have to risk their lives to save someone from a burning building. The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) will be providing you with additional information about the strategy throughout the year.

Deputy Fire Marshal Douglas Crawford, the OFM staff, and I thank you for your leadership and cooperation. We look forward to working with you in 2006 toward our goal of preventing needless tragedies and making Ontario a safer place.


Original signed by Bernard A. Moyle

Bernard A. Moyle
Fire Marshal of Ontario
See File >> 2005 Ontario Statistics Chart

(submitted by Tony Moscioni)