Underwriters Laboratories Inc. is notifying consumers that oil-filled electric radiator heaters manufactured by Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Company may pose a risk of electric shock.

Name of Product: Model 7096

Units: 425,000

Manufacturer: Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Company, Chicago.

Date of Manufacturer: Units were manufactured throughout 2000 and 2001. The date of manufacture can be identified by a two-digit code marked on the control panel cover. Units marked "AT" through "LT" and "AU" through "LU" are included in this notice. Contact the manufacturer for more information regarding the identification of this product.

Hazard: The electrical connections inside the unit may overheat, damaging the insulation on the internal wiring, resulting in a risk of electric shock.

Identification: The heater is a portable electric radiator-style heater with seven fins and is grayish-white in color. The product is marked with the manufacturer's name, "Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Company," the Model No. "7096" and the UL Listing Mark for the United States and Canada.

To view photo of the product, visit http://www.ul.com/media/newsrel/nr041405.html

What you should do: UL encourages consumers to immediately discontinue use of this product and contact the manufacturer.

Consumers Contact: Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Company, 501 N. Sacramento Blvd., Chicago, IL 60612. Tel.: +1-888-858-3506. Web site: http://www.lakewoodeng.com.

For more information, contact Joe Hirschmugl in Northbrook, Ill., by phone at +1-847-664-1508; or by e-mail at Joseph.F.Hirschmugl@us.ul.com.