Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc.
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The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Hitachi Cable Manchester (HCM) has received a Variation Notice(V/N) from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) regarding our Part Number 39419-50 (25 pair, category 5e, cmp cable) and Part Number 30171-100 (50 pair, category 5e, cmp cable). As part of the resolution process with UL,
HCM is requesting the return of all uninstalled cable of these part numbers with certain lot numbers.

The lot numbers identified during our investigation are A4309 or higher which were produced on or after June
24, 2003 or lot AE589 produced in January 2003. Product produced during this timeframe was inadvertently not
submitted to UL for verification or certification to UL’s requirements, including NFPA 262 plenum performance.

We have recently submitted this cable to UL for plenum certification and it did not comply with NFPA 262. This cable is not Listed nor Verified by UL for any use and not authorized to bear the UL Listing or Verification Mark.

However, it is HCM’s opinion that the cable is suitable for use in non-plenum or riser applications and we are doing additional follow-up testing with UL to verify this. It is important to note that testing by HCM demonstrates the electrical performance of the product is not impacted and the product will function according to the category
5e, power sum performance requirements.

Please use the Returned Goods Authorization form provided to you by HCM to facilitate the return of any product in stock at your facility. Should you wish to order replacement product, we will handle these orders through our standard purchase order fulfillment process. Please contact Lorraine Martin at 1-800-772-0116 x275 if you require assistance.

Because you and/or your customers may have already installed this product, it is essential that we receive information as quickly as possible on the location of the installations. Therefore, HCM requests that you use Attachment 1 to provide us with information on your customers who have purchased or installed this cable. HCM
will use this form to gather information on the installed cable base and take the appropriate and necessary actions. While we are confident that the product does not present an immediate safety issue, we are committed to addressing this issue immediately and insuring a safe environment for all installations involved. We are
aggressively working towards that goal and believe we will be in a position to provide new product within the next six to eight weeks.

Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated and we would like to request a response from you by December 10, 2004. Although we have received no reports of problems involving the operation of the cable, we are working aggressively to resolve the situation. The entire Hitachi Cable Manchester team appreciates your patience and understanding of this situation. Please be assured that we will take the proper actions to handle this issue and minimize any impact to you and your customers. Hitachi Cable Manchester is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Cable Ltd. an international, leading wire and cable company. We remain committed
to maintaining our strong competitive position in this market. We are a leader in the market because of our thousands of products and our loyal customers and we are looking forward to continued growth with your ongoing support. Your business and loyalty are very important to us and we look forward to working with you.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me

1-800-772-0116 x 319.

Lynne Humenik
Vice President-Premise & Fiber Optics