CPSC, Wisdom Industries Ltd. Announce Revised Safety Inspection Program for Sizzler and Deluxe Sizzler Mobile Amusement Rides
WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Wisdom Industries Ltd., of Sterling, Colo., are announcing a revised safety inspection program for the Sizzler and Deluxe Sizzler amusement rides. The Sizzler is a scrambling-type ride that rotates clockwise on a central mast while each of the three four-seat sections rotates counter-clockwise on its own mast. The ride accelerates rapidly, then slows almost to a stop, and then accelerates again. There are about 142 Sizzler rides in the U.S.

On September 19, in Shrewsbury, Mass., a fatal incident involving a Sizzler occurred at a church-sponsored event. Two occupants of one seat were thrown from the ride when the end of the seat structure gave way. One of those victims died and the other was injured. One other person was injured on the ground.

CPSC is investigating the causes of this incident and is working with Wisdom Industries to alert state and local officials and ride owners/operators to immediately perform critical safety inspections. CPSC is asking state and local officials to locate these rides and require owners to cease operation of the Sizzlers until they complete a thorough inspection to prevent future incidents. In brief, some of the elements of the inspection program include:

*Inspect, grade and torque the four (4) internal frame bolts.
*Inspect foottub hinge bolts for proper grade and all metal locknuts installed.
*Inspect internal frame welds.

These new safety inspection guidelines are being sent to all owners of Sizzler and Deluxe Sizzler rides, state inspectors and amusement ride insurers. CPSC recommends that owners not allow Sizzlers and Deluxe Sizzlers to operate until they have met the requirements of the new inspection program.
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