Witnesses: Child Burned By Theater's Wiring
Tue Aug 13, 6:21 PM ET

A 7-year-old girl who was at a movie theater with a summer camp group ended up in the emergency room Tuesday afternoon, emergency medical workers said.

Witnesses at the theater said that the child was leaning against a conduit that runs along a wall in the AMC Theater on the corner of Sheridan Street and 49th Avenue when she was burned on her bottom. They said the girl was part of a large group of children at the theater to see a movie.

She was taken to the emergency room where she was treated and released.

The manager of the theater said that he called an electrician to the theater to repair the conduit. The manager said he inspects the wiring frequently because of concerns about liability.

The electrician, who later repaired the damaged conduit, said that the little girl was "lucky" not to have been hurt more seriously.