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#119452 12/28/04 09:26 PM
Joined: Oct 2000
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Admin Offline OP
Those data guys strike again!

Here, the hack -customer admits he was not a licensed contractor- apparently did not own a bender. So, who needs to connect the pipes together, anyways? It's only phone & data, right?

- John Steinke
[Linked Image]

#119453 12/28/04 10:05 PM
Joined: Jul 2002
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I see the guy in the picture is smiling, but I don't think it's at the quality of the adjacent workmanship!. [Linked Image]

#119454 12/28/04 10:30 PM
Joined: Aug 2004
Posts: 51
Measure once, cut twice...three times..."Oops, now it's too short..."

Portrait kinda looks like Howard Cosell(sp.?)

Looks like some of the white wires and the black cord go right through the wall.

Man, that's ugly wiring, is this an office, or a storage room?

#119455 12/28/04 10:59 PM
Joined: Apr 2001
Posts: 518
Location is office of a restaurant. Office is located in basement, inside former walk-in cooler.
Yes, some wired do exit through the wall.

I had never noticed the smiling picture! I think he's laughing at the work!

#119456 12/29/04 07:29 PM
Joined: Jun 2003
Posts: 1,143
Originally posted by bp-redbear:
Portrait kinda looks like Howard Cosell(sp.?)

I was thinking Rupert Murdoch myself [Linked Image]

#119457 12/29/04 07:31 PM
Joined: Dec 2004
Posts: 23
i have heard some data comm people call that a "air gap" and have seen them do it with 4" backbone runs in hospitals

#119458 01/02/05 09:12 AM
Joined: Jan 2003
Posts: 4,391
Kind of interesting, aside from ones own pride in workmanship do other trades have to install EMT to NEC standards if they choose to use it?

We work for a customer that sells flowers, a contractor for them (not electrical) uses 2" EMT to run plastic tubes that carry nutrients to the plants from a central location out to the flower displays.

They by no means install this as the NEC describes.

But does it matter?

They are not bound by the NEC.

As for the 'Air Gaps' left by data cabling guys what is the violation?

Data cables are not required to be in enclosures so a complete raceway system can be just a short section of raceway.

Not saying I like sloppy work, just asking for a violation to cite.

I do not think there is one.


[This message has been edited by iwire (edited 01-02-2005).]

Bob Badger
Construction & Maintenance Electrician
#119459 01/02/05 10:00 AM
Joined: Jul 2002
Posts: 8,443
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Good point Iwire,
I see in the same pic a run of cable that looks like RG-6 Coaxial cable, un-protected throughout it's length, it seems to be doing OK.
I was thinking Rupert Murdoch myself
Perhaps that's why Rupe is smiling so wide, his signals are getting through and at a cheaper price, no EMT where he comes from!. [Linked Image]
BTW, is it my eyes or does that run of EMT have an upward bow in it, to the left?.

{Message edited to add last question.}

[This message has been edited by Trumpy (edited 01-02-2005).]

#119460 01/02/05 10:46 PM
Joined: Dec 2004
Posts: 23
why bother putting any of the cable run in conduit if you leave some unprotected? well first code violation Neat workmanlike manner
our local AHJ would turn the work in that pic down and laugh while doing it.

#119461 01/03/05 01:31 AM
Joined: Apr 2004
Posts: 42
i feel that several good points have been made here, 1 is does 2" pvc when used as a "holder" for hydroponics lines need to be installed to code? i would think not what part of that is an electrical installation? so the nec or a permit or even the licensing of the installer is N/A. but ...and theres always a but-usually me [Linked Image]- in the picture i would think so (atleast in my area) due to the fact all of article 800 is now required to be inspected, have even seen inspectors go back after really bad installations that were done on the sly in a school, and make them be repaired to code. if something is listed and labeled for an open surface install then it would be ok to do that (workman like manner not withheld) or the use of conduit for protection from damage or to penetrate firewall or something to the like , my wondering is where do you draw the line of workman like manner. it sure wouldnt pass in my book but i have seen much worse work that others have been very proud of, yes proud to the point of bragging. and i cringed and wanted to point out the problems but the only one was workman like manner , and sometiomes that is the most dangerous violation.IMHO ok i will get off my soapbox now [Linked Image]

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