Hello from South Dakota!!!

OK guys and gals, I have a problem that I have never run into before.

I have been given the "opportunity" to finish a large home that someone else had started.
In the great room of this LOG cabin there is a 20' vaulted ceiling with two remote controled paddle fans. At the end of the great room there is a loft with another remote paddle fan. All three of the fans were wired together from one switch.

Now the home owner would like them all switched seperate. So I tied the switch in hot, since it wasn't being used, I went to the loft paddle fan and changed the frequency of the fan and the remote so they would be different from the two in the great room.

To my total amazement the fan would not opperate at all. I tried a different frequency and still nothing. I put the frequency back where I started and all three fans came on at the same time.

Before I set up scaffolding in a totaly finished home (on hardwood floors) I would like to hear some input from the rest of you.

Is there a conflict from being on the same circuit? Are the signals cancelling each other out? What am I missing?

I have to go back on Friday, so any help would be welcome.

And thank you all in advance!!!!


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Jon Niemeyer