I need to buy a 1 1/4" bender for a job I'm doing this weekend. I'll be using it on 1" rigid and am wondering if I should get one with the floppy power lever on it or not. I already have 90's for the job, but if I were to use the bender to form a 90, does the power lever get in the way and hang up on the pipe? Is the power lever necessary for a small 150lb guy like myself to even be able to bend 1" rigid? I'd rather not learn by trial and error, as the tool is too expensive to just have laying around because I don't like the design.

Depending on if I can get 18" of cover above the top of the last 90, I may need to run 1" rigid into the bottom of the panel. This would require an offset to keep things looking nice. Will a bender work fine, or is a hicky much easier? I wouldn't bother asking if it were 3/4" rigid, but since it's 1" and obviously harder to bend, I'm not sure of the best tool.