What's you favorite motion light? I've tried several here lately and am kind of dissatisfied with what I've found. I'm talking about the maneuvability of the bulbs and motion detector. On a "design" job I had, I was looking to get about 150 watts per bulb, but found out at the store I went to, they didn't carry 150 watt bulbs anymore. I could have got a halogen 250 watt per "head", but that was going to be too much for the low heigth I was going to have to mount it. I settled with the 150 watt halogen, but the manuevability of the sensor and the bulbs wasn't very good. I tend to like the ones with the long arm on the sensor. It seems there is more of an adjustment with them, but didn't seem to see any that could take a 150 watt flood bulb. Also can anyone tell any difference in the $ 40.00 lights compared to the $ 80.00 or $ 90.00 motion lights? I spent probably 1 1/2 hours at 2 stores trying to make my mind up which one was better, and still had to go back and return the one I bought ( 250 wt. halogen ) and got the 150 wt. halogen, and still wasn't completely satisfied when I got it up [Linked Image] Thanks for the input. Steve