I'm in charge of maintenance for a commercial property. This year we needed to get a pool "bonding and grounding" certification done by a licensed electrician and also need a municipal electrical inspection.

I got a letter telling me this from the township with two permit applications and instructions to fill them out and send them back in.

I assumed there just weren't enough swimming pools to justify comming up with a form for these so they were using permit forms instead so I filled out the name and address portion, had a contractor do the pool bonding and grounding inspection and attached his report and turned in the paperwork to the township.

I got a call...paperwork is wrong...needs to be sealed by an electrican. I truly didn't understand what the secretary was taling about. A permit for an inspection? She of course didn't have a clue and thought I was trying to give her a hard time and got angry.

So I went down to the office to talk to the AHJ. He's not in but the fire inspector came out to answer my questions. They wanted a sealed permit from the electrician that did the inspection. Odd but okay...I'll get it sealed.

And then they wanted the second permit filled out and sealed by the contractor for the electrical inspection the electrical subcode official is going to perform. Again I thought I had missed something and kept asking for clarification. But I'm sure I understood.

So I took the paperwork to my electrician and he couldn't believe it either. At first he didn't want to fill out the second permit for work he wouldn't even be involved in. I don't blame him. But he did me the favor and I dropped the newly completed applications off this afternoon to the secretary who snatched them out of my hand and said "We'll try these again." and turned her back and walked away before I could say thank you.