I must say, that I do need to buy a better camera.
and there are some guys that just hate to see me show up, 'cause they know I've got the camera.
I can see it now, "Quick, hide all that wiring, it's that Scott guy again, what's he after this time?".
Mind you Electure, EC's and other people outside of ECN just don't realise how important these pics are to us, it's a demonstration to a certain extent, that you really CARE about the Trade that you work within.
I ask the Question, how many other Trades have a BB that works as well as ECN?.
My camera stays at home. Do unto others...
Sure you can come and take all the pics you like of my home installation and in the slim chance that you do find something, I'd be right beside you taking a pic of it myself!. [Linked Image]