Does anyone have recomendations for comercial room lighting controls?

We are Expanding a meeting room that has a Crestron System 7(?). It has (1) 7 button preset switch control and a dimmer box. I don't know if the system is still made. Another switch location is needed as well as more lighting. The loads would most likely be incondescent & low voltage (both types).

I am thinking about a Lutron graffik eye with hi power dimmers. I have not done any G-eyes but I used the Hi-power dimmers. I worry about the dimmers because the modules don't have load side protection. I guess I could add fuses.

The Leviton architectural dimmer has load side circuit breakers. But their over all system looks to be too complex of a set up for what is needed.

Any other companies?

I am just tring to avoid using about (10) 3 way dimmers and something that I can mannage to hook-up. They don't need any PC controlled lighting.