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Posted By: Active 1 Lighting controls - 07/02/04 08:24 PM
Does anyone have recomendations for comercial room lighting controls?

We are Expanding a meeting room that has a Crestron System 7(?). It has (1) 7 button preset switch control and a dimmer box. I don't know if the system is still made. Another switch location is needed as well as more lighting. The loads would most likely be incondescent & low voltage (both types).

I am thinking about a Lutron graffik eye with hi power dimmers. I have not done any G-eyes but I used the Hi-power dimmers. I worry about the dimmers because the modules don't have load side protection. I guess I could add fuses.

The Leviton architectural dimmer has load side circuit breakers. But their over all system looks to be too complex of a set up for what is needed.

Any other companies?

I am just tring to avoid using about (10) 3 way dimmers and something that I can mannage to hook-up. They don't need any PC controlled lighting.

Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: Lighting controls - 07/02/04 08:39 PM
What about contacting a Crestron dealer. They have great $tuff.
Posted By: e57 Re: Lighting controls - 07/02/04 11:26 PM
10 3-way dimmers $500 (depending on type)

A single componant of a Graffic Eye will run you $500! And you'll need many! a GP panel and all the interfaces could run you thousands! And not interact with the Crestron at all....

Expanding the Crestron will also be in the thousands possibly.... If possible?

I would find out if it could be expanded...

Get ready to charge a bundle for it, and include some time to reseach it!! Or, 10 3- ways...........
Posted By: hbiss Re: Lighting controls - 07/03/04 01:01 AM
And not interact with the Crestron at all....

For what it's worth here, Crestron will interface with Lutron Graffik Eye.

For what you want I think Crestron is overkill, assuming that they will even sell to you.

I would install a Graffik Eye system. I think if they needed load side fuses Lutron would provide or recommend them. I don't know what you are concerned about.

Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: Lighting controls - 07/03/04 11:50 AM
I was thinking maybe you could expand the existing Crestron system. Maybe not. But think about this. Sell the customer the best option. If they want to spend the money go with the Grafik eye. It can be expanded if needed. It is far more versitle and it will look hell of alot better than 10 dimmers. Most importantly 10 3 way 1000 watt dimmers $500. 40% markup would be $200 made on the dimmers. Grafik eye maybe $2,000. Not sure about real price. 40% markup $800.00 plus more labor to install. Plug in your own numbers but either way I'd try to sell the graphic eye. What is the thinking behind the load side fuses? If you contact Lutron they will connect you with a local rep who will help you design a system for your application.

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Posted By: Active 1 Re: Lighting controls - 07/03/04 02:57 PM
I was just wondering if their were other good systems besides graffic eye to concider. It seems like Graffic eye is the winner.

It might be a 3 or 4 way dimmer set up. If I went with a Mistro it would be a lot of dimmers. If you figure low volt dimmers, and 1000w x 10 dimmers x 3 locations your talking almost $ 2,000.

I don't think they are affraid to spend the $ for a system.

As far as the Creston like someone said they probibly wont deal with me so I wont use their products.

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