As we learn the trade, we grow accustomed to certain practices. Growing up near Chicago, choosing the wiring method was easy: pipe.

Now I’m in an area with little to no inspections, one of the poorest parts of the country. So poor the next town over is named ….Hayti! I’m in a tough spot. The task is to move / replace the service to a brick house, abandon any remaining existing wiring, then set a panel inside. That panel will provide just enough circuits to power future construction activities.

I’d like your thoughts on a few ideas I have:
1) supplying the interior panel using SER run on the surface of the brick until entering the wall. Would you have a pipe sleeve for the wire? Seal with foam? Can you even run SER in pipe?
2) I’m thinking of surface mounting the panel, then running Romex on the wall surfaces to a minimum number of lights and receptacles. Any issues with NM on the surface?
3) As you might guess, I’ll GFCI everything.

This house is going to need a “to the bones” remodel. The goal is to simply facilitate remodeling activities. What would you do?

BTW, this situation was a long time developing. The 1937 basic house has been added on to several times, with the original service being spliced into countless times. We’re talking electrical and other code issues galore. One result is that the service has to be relocated. On top of this, scrappers accessed the attic and removed all accessible wiring.

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