I like building things and when my wife was building houses in the happy times speed was more important that materials. They threw away lots of good stuff and my first stop when I went to see her was the dumpster. If you give me enough materials I will be building something. I did a pool and a 2400 square foot screen cage with 2 covered bars and a spa. I remodeled 2 bathrooms and the kitchen and put a 365 sq/ft addition on the house. My last big project was a swinging bridge over a swale in the back yard that goes up to the PoCo right of way where I maintain a trail for walking the dog and it is a Gopher Tortoise preserve. I also like building electronic stuff and playing with PCs. Right now I am also primary care giver for 2 people with mobility problems and that eats a lot of my time.
I stay busy

Greg Fretwell