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Nice to see you have a Tektronix 465 (transistors I think). I still have a Tektronix 545A (all tubes) It still works and at 700 watts it warms up my work room too. Never heard of the Rigol. Hope it work well.

Hi Tomn

The Rigol is a highly rated entry level digital scope:

[Linked Image from i68.tinypic.com]

Unfortunately my eBay purchase does not look promising (had my doubts as soon as I won the auction - price was too good). The seller has not shipped the item nor have they attempted to communicate any issues with shipping. I have tried contacting the seller through eBay asking for a tracking number and still no reply. Arrival date has elapsed and now I've begun the process of recouping my money. When done properly this shouldn't be a problem. For now, it looks as though I will have to put this scope back on the Wish List.

A malfunction at the junction