Hi Guys,
Sorry it's been a while, but I would like to design a device for testing PC boards in dairy sheds I do a LOT of fault-finding in.
Now I have most of it all sorted but the one thing I can't get through my thick skull, is how I'm going to power this tester (which will in turn power the board under test), it needs to have a solid 25.5VDC to the board and I was thinking batteries, but this thing needs to be reasonably portable, sure, the current draw from something like this won't be any more than about 200-300mA, to power the test solenoids.
Sure, SLA batteries could be an option, but I've never heard of a battery that has any more than a 24VDC output.
I was also thinking a switch-mode PSU inside the box (that I want to keep as small as possible, if I can) but then you'd have to have 230VAC to the box, which isn't intrinsically a problem, but it affects the portability of the thing.
Any ideas?