Hi all,

My name is Dominic and I'm looking for some help and advice with rewiring an old 4 speed floor fan.

The story is that years ago I inherited an antique fan grom my grandmother after she passed away. I cleaned it up and it looks and runs great- and both myself and my girlfriend love it.

So a few weeks back when I saw a much larger (but similar vintage) floor standing fan I bought it in a heartbeat and was keen for another weekend project to keep me busy.

However the wiring on this one is a fair bit more complicated than the last- and the capacitor and transformer that it used were so rusted and corroded that none of the values were readable. However I'm pleased to say that the windings of the coil are in great condition.

So here are the specifics from what I understand:
1. It runs on 240 VAC at 50HZ and is rated at 2.2A.
2. It has two windings- one of which seems to be the capacitor start winding which appeared to be always energised.
3. It has 4 speeds (plus off) and used a transformer (or maybe a choke?) to achieve this, as well as a 4 speed rotary selector switch.

The only absolutes I know are:
1. The supply voltage of 240 VAC / 50Hz / 2.2A
2. The resitance of the start winding is 68 ohms and the run winding is 31 ohms,
3. That the warn out components are the capacitor, transformer and rotary selector switch.

I've drawn a diagram of how I imaging the circuit would function using a two pole, 5 position rotary switch but I was wondering if someone might have the smarts to tell me whether this diagram is correct- and if so what the values of the capacitor and transformer would need to be?

Or of course if there's a better way to do it using a more modern fan speed controller.

Many thanks,


The fan before (top part):
[Linked Image] [img]http://postimg.org/image/g1odh5icp/[/img]

The fan before (bottom part):

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