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What kind of issues?

It has been unusually warm here but dryer winter air can cause static problems. I had a printer that would mess up when it got a shock and I put bonding on a hanging plastic proximity switch because it would quit working while the switch beside it, mounted in metal, never failed.

Well, as always I'm simply the guy checking the power and all other information comes in droplets at a time. Still, I am always asking questions and I found out that the scope has been having imaging issues and start-up issues since Jan. 2015. All the experts have been brought in and nobody can find anything. Right now the TEM is working properly which really makes it difficult. Since I am supposed to be disproving/proving that there may be voltage on the ground conductor of the transformer secondary I really have my work cut out. Somehow I need to record this potential event when it happens.

A malfunction at the junction