Hello Caper:

Yes it does, and we had a great time! I will always remember our Secret Society of Electricians. I still have the plaque "The Nail" that was presented to me when we all met. I will be away for a few months, but when I return in April, I will make it my point to visit you; and if we can round up the rest of the crew maybe we can meet again. Prodigy was what we had 20 yeas ago; now all is good and faster on my various devices. Please send me (private message) your number so I can call you. I will put the picture we took in Mystic on my board in an album. I imagine we are older and of course wiser. Greg always has something nice to say about the training and help I gave all of the SSE when preparing for the IAEI Certifications. I see he too has time on his hands spending it here as a Moderator.

Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant