They really asked that you leave??

Not directly... However, after the Third time a Salesperson approached me, stating:

"Are You SURE there is nothing We may assist You with, or help You make a possible Purchase Today???!!!???"

I figured They were getting tired of My presence, along with My default response of: "Just Looking, Thanks!!!"

Besides that, a few Customers started asking Me questions about the Machines & Operating System, of which I responded truthfully...
(responses benefited the Customers more than the Sales Department!)

Believe Me, there was no intention to be a nuisance to the Sales Staff; and I think the only reason the Customers Queried Me was They overheard My Wife and I discussing Pros -vs- Cons of various Machines.

--Scott (EE)

Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!