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A real eye-catcher IMHO is the dual head emergency light pack & exit combos. A shutdown last Saturday nite...all the LED units were bright & still on after 4 hrs of no power! The light output from the E lights was really nice.

Indeed, they are!
In a former life, when LED lighting was fairly new, I did lighting design for a large railway workshop. Originally we inteded to use 400 W high-pressure mercury fixtures for both general and emergency lighting but soon realised we'd need an insane battery bank to achieve the necessary lighting levels. I think we were around 6 400 W fixtures for 1 lux 30 cm above the floor. Then we switched to the brand new LED emergency lights and lo and behold, we were (at least in theory) able to achieve the same lighting level using eight 10-Watt LED packs! 80 Watts instead of 2400.

Unfortunately I don't know how the real product turned out, so I can't say if theory and practice lined up.