Many times I need to provide and then design lighting systems and I've found that ( Lumen output ) is the key to a better system.. Only until several years ago have I recently incorporated the Lumen output into any design, I was always use to having an engineered drawing to follow.

I'm big on the Halogena brand which always seems to be the best value, the lamps are usually around $10.00 but to get 1200 lumens out of a 70w bulb is awesome ..

I've considered LED and aside from the quadrupled price, I'm still not sold on the Lumen output,granted they operate for less money but I don't want to loose the brightness, although I noticed the other day at a gas station these overhead LED 12 x 12's each containing about 20 little LED outputs ... those suckers were very bright. I'm guessing 10k Lumens per fixture.

Is LED in your opinions the better Illumination Product.

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