Hi folks,
Just looking to compare notes with you guys in the US.

Over here in NZ, anyone that fixes the electrical parts of appliances (say washing machines, stoves and the like) must have a current practicing licence as an Electrical Service Technician.

I would imagine that this would (loosely) be the equivalent of a Restricted Electricians Licence in the US (and maybe a few other countries too).
I realise it varies between states and what-not.

But, here is the crux of my question, when that EST fixes or alters the appliance, they MUST affix what is known as an Electrical Safety Certificate (about the size of a credit card and it is an adhesive-backed sticker) to the back of the appliance.

What the EST must fill out on it, is their registration no, a contact phone no., the date the repair or what-ever was done and a signature that the appliance was tested to ensure it is electrically and operationally safe to use, after the work has taken place and the tech has left.

What I suppose I am getting at is that electricians must pull a permit to do electrical work that could potentially kill or injure some one.

Now, there is no way that a permit system for appliance repairs would ever be remotely workable.
But the potential for shock or injury is more or less on the same level, if a repair is mucked up and the appliance is not tested before the tech leaves.

Reason I bring this up, is, I was sent to a place this morning, where a lady recieved a near fatal shock after having her washing machine repaired, because it used to cut in and out all the time during a wash.
The tech replaced the plug on the end of the cord supplying the washing machine and left.

An ESC was used in this case and I was able to find out who did the repair with a phone call.

The plug had been wired with the phase and earth backwards, effectively livening the metal body of the washing machine. mad

Being able to track who has done these repairs would certainly be helpful.

Your thoughts please?