Hello to all,
I have a question concerning an above ground pool. I need to run a circuit for two different customers that have installed an above ground pool. One customer has an heater and one does not. I know that i need to run a 20 amp circuit to each to supply the pump motor and that it needs to be on a GFI. Also, if the pool is more that 20 feet away from the home, i need to install a seperate convenience outlet that is also GFI protected. My question is that does the frame of the pool need to be bonded. We have talked to 3 different inspectors and all three told us differnt things. One stated that we need to bond to the frame of the pool, One said that we need to just bond to the lug on the pump and or heater, and one said both. i can not find it in the cose book.
thanks for any help