This isn't a personal experience, but I heard this last night and wanted to throw it out there.. 2 seperate properties I know of have had trouble with the police showing up at odd times of the day because the police dispatch office recieved "911" emergency calls. One property is a house that is being remodelled- basically 98% demolished and rebuilt as a new home, the second is a rental property built in the early 50's with no active phone service (but wires are in the walls). The tenants at property #2 have opted to use their own cell phones rather than have phone service establihed through the "POTS" and have no phone # and no account with the local telco. At the remodel property, there is no phone, no service, no account with the local telco and no wires in the skeletal walls of the house, yet both properties have had multiple visits by the police, who explain the purpose of the visit as investigating a "911" emergency call. Is there any kind of short-circuit condition or telco-network problem that could cause this problem that anyone knows of? The police had no solid details- that is, no voice caller, no concrete reason to stop by and investigate- it is simply police policy here to investigate *all* 911 calls regardless. In fact they seem to take especially seriously the calls where no caller identifies themself on the line because, as law enforcement thinking goes, the caller may be incapable of speaking for whatever reason. Has anyone heard of such a problem? The two properties in question here are: 1. a remodel my father (general contractor) is doing, and 2. a property my mom (a property manager) manages..