I really appreciate the replies, guys.

I've really enjoyed this truck. I have a cap with top hinged windows, so I can get to my tools and supplies (from 3 sides) without climbing in. It's a little hard to describe, but I keep a lot on the truck, and keep it organized. The most difficult area was the center from the axle to the cab, and I put all my devices there in (6)mud-buckets with lids (switches in 3 colors, and receptacles in 3 colors). I can't pull them through the window, but I can get into them for the devices. Anything heavier would be difficult to get out.

I'm interested in this trailer mostly as a jobsite box for local commercial work. They are 3,000 sq. ft. buildings that I will work 3-4 weeks, 5-7 days/week per building. It would probably actually save gas to have it there over hauling the stuff around. Then when we move on to the next building, I can just move the trailer. I wouldn't need it for the residential work, where parking would be a problem. Thanks for your reminder about insurance, and I am interested in the Haulmark, Eric.