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Posted By: Dave55 New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/03/05 05:07 PM
I have a ten year old pickup truck with a cap that's 10 years old with 70,000 miles (I don't like to drive very far for work). I've thought about getting a new one, but I really like this truck! It's probably only missed three days work in ten years and still has the original shocks.

I'm also considering getting a cargo trailer instead of a truck...all the room for supplies without the cost and maintenance of the engine and transmission. The only downside of the truck is not much room for a sign. The cargo trailer would have as much room for a sign as a van. I could also drop the trailer off at my main commercial project. Any of you use them?

Posted By: Fred Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/03/05 07:21 PM
I bought a 6x12' enclosed trailer with 6'6" headroom a few years ago when I had several grain systems to wire and they were scattered all over the state. I built shelving and conduit racks inside and still had plenty of room for 25' of scaffolding sections and a 5kw generator. It was very handy to work out of. I would still have it but another sparky offered me more than I had in it and I wasn't doing too many grain systems anymore.
Posted By: Active 1 Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/03/05 09:04 PM
If your truck runs good than keep it. New trucks cost big $$$. Besides you don't go very far.

I would worry about the trailer disaperaing one night. It happened to me once. You might check into how the insurance would cover it. And I hate backing up trailers.

Posted By: eswets Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/04/05 02:40 AM
I have a cargo van and cargo trailer. I bought a Haulmark trailer, 6x12 double axel, blue to match the van. I love it. I have not yet set it up with selves, but I wired lights with a battery and an inverter. I can plug the trailer in of run off the battery, or run off the van. Dave I think that you are from chicago area, I bought mine from libertyville. They were the cheapest and nicest. If interested I can give you the contacts.
Posted By: Joey D Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/04/05 09:53 PM
Parking is a problem with the trailers. When I am in the city a trailer would never work. I also do a lot of work in rural towns where it would work fine. Tough choice for me so I sold it.
Milage will suffer with the trailer as the large frontal area and it being square and aerodynamicaly challaged. I have a diesel pick up and the wind makes the trailer feel heavier than it is
Posted By: BobH Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/05/05 03:22 AM
I would also be concerned with fuel mileage and parking the trailer. At $2.29 a gallon, it may add up fast losing a few mpg. I have an A.R.E contractors cap on my truck and I love it so far. I like it better than my previous cargo van due to it's side door toolboxes that don't involve crouching and crawling to access what you need. (in most cases)
Posted By: highvoltageguy Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/06/05 04:30 AM
heck Dave I have a 40 year old truck a 65 Ford250, and have a commerical topper on it with boxes on the sides with one single shelf in it, I prefer a truck and topper for just myself, even when i worked for the electric utility I allways asked for a truck with a topper verses a utility box. allthough i'm cashing in my stock from that old job and going to get a new GMC with a ARE topper.
Posted By: Joey D Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/06/05 11:15 PM
I will go with the pick up and contractor cap next time around. I was working out of my pick up for years with just toll boxes on it, then decided to get a used van, I hate the van. I hate the noise and the lack of comfort.
Posted By: Dave55 Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/07/05 03:47 PM
I really appreciate the replies, guys.

I've really enjoyed this truck. I have a cap with top hinged windows, so I can get to my tools and supplies (from 3 sides) without climbing in. It's a little hard to describe, but I keep a lot on the truck, and keep it organized. The most difficult area was the center from the axle to the cab, and I put all my devices there in (6)mud-buckets with lids (switches in 3 colors, and receptacles in 3 colors). I can't pull them through the window, but I can get into them for the devices. Anything heavier would be difficult to get out.

I'm interested in this trailer mostly as a jobsite box for local commercial work. They are 3,000 sq. ft. buildings that I will work 3-4 weeks, 5-7 days/week per building. It would probably actually save gas to have it there over hauling the stuff around. Then when we move on to the next building, I can just move the trailer. I wouldn't need it for the residential work, where parking would be a problem. Thanks for your reminder about insurance, and I am interested in the Haulmark, Eric.

Posted By: Joey D Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/09/05 01:08 AM
Wells Cargo is a very nice trailer as well.
Posted By: kd Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/10/05 03:12 PM
How about locking a towing ball in the socket with a padlock and a tire lock on the tires to prevent theft?
Posted By: mkoloj Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/10/05 05:27 PM
Written by KD:
How about locking a towing ball in the socket with a padlock and a tire lock on the tires to prevent theft?

How about your own bandsaw used to cut those off??
I don't think it is about having enough safeguards in place, I believe it is about not leaving yourself open to theft by not leaving anything in a place where there is a remote chance of it being stolen. Even working on a job in the nicest neighborhoods the guys you are working alongside all day could come back that night and take your trailer if they know it is there.
Posted By: eswets Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/10/05 07:17 PM
Got your email, but cant send anything out.
this is the website. get a quote, then call the libertyville store. They will give you a better price. the number is on the left hand side for the web page. any questions, I've done a lot of research on then just ask.
Posted By: Dave55 Re: New Truck? Cargo Trailer? - 04/16/05 01:51 AM
Thanks, guys...and thanks to the gent that e-mailed me about the sale at Farm & Fleet (wish I could find the e-mail). Now I have to see if I can park it here in a residential neighborhood.

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