>I only pay SS tax on the payroll checks I draw, not the entire check received/invoiced (as you would in a sole propriotorship). I don't know anything about an LLC. <

You would never owe tax on Gross reciepts any way! Since you are the owner of the business you are paying out both sides of the SS tax. More than 15% of your gross pay. Thats no better than Self employed tax.

>I think doing any of this without the services of a lawyer and accountant would be like asking a carpenter to do your electrical service.<

I used to think that until I realized they want you to think that the tax laws are "beyond your comprehension". It's called job security! Unless your that big million dollor client, they don't want to take time to really show a GOOD business strategy. I had four different accountants and none cared to show me the benefits of taking dividends.
If you are not taking any dispersments than your accountant is doing you a disservice.