I recently started business. It took one hour on the 'puter and was incorporated.
I chose to be an S-Corp and not the popular LLC for this reason.
With LLC there only LEGAL benefits but no TAX benefits! You are taxed as a sole propriator you pay that big 15%+ self employment tax right off the top of your draws. Or as an employee, the company, (you) pays half and the employee, (you) pays the other half. You still pay over 15% for medicare, FICA.

Now as an S-Corp You can pay yourself as low as you choose as long as it can be argued as reasonable. Say 18.50 per hour. This should cause a profit build up in your business. Take it out as a DIVIDEND or DISPERSMENT. There is no Medicare tax liability owed on this at all! You can save a lot of money this way.
An S-Corp is only going to owe tax on gains from selling assets. Or gains on assets from before being an S-Corp. It's a C-Corp that pays tax on dispersments.

I know people that have paid themselves as little as 1K for the year and took the rest as a dividends. However if the IRS chooses to fight them the IRS will win because the pay cannot be argued as reasonable.