Like yourself, I only have experience with M$ software <-- Actually I have been using linux since 1998 [Linked Image] Of my 3 computers, my laptop and my nat-router/samba-server/firewall/
faithful-servant/trusty-mule system are linux-only and my desktop at home dual boots linux and win2k. The only reason I still have a win2k partition at all on any of my computers is because I manage a website part-time and it uses frontpage, which I am sadly stuck with using. If not for that I would have dumped windows entirely, years ago. Really, I can only say good things about linux and I am glad yet another person is brave enough to devote the time to learning about it and giving it a try. Believe me, you won't be disappointed, especially when you start to see how many powerful tools are available for linux that simply don't exist in the MS universe.