You should be aware of my distaste for anything (Ughh)M$.
So I have just bought MandrivaLinux PowerPack.
I'm looking to build a new computer around this and keep the old one (the one I'm typing on at the moment) for other stuff.
Can anyone that already uses Linux give me a few pointers about installing this into a new computer?.
As in:
  • What is the best(fastest) M/Board to use with this system?- By that I mean will all Hardware and CPU's work with this?.
  • Will Linux support all types of Chipsets?- I'm so used to M$ stuff that it's not funny when you get into a thing like this.
  • Is there a requirement for more or less RAM with a Linux system?.

I'm not kidding here, this is going to be a Linux only setup.
Can anyone else recommend anything that I've forgotten?.