I think that Dave55 & Renosteinke comments regarding workman-like & workmanship are appropriate. I object to nesparky's comment "Joe Handyman".

Having a license (journeyman status) does not guarantee good work. I am a handyman, not a licensed electrician, but I would not do work this poor. I have cleaned up a lot of messes left by persons who were supposed to be professional licensed journeymen: conduit not deburred, no box covers, tape splices (tape dries out, falls off), multiple voltages in same conduit, undersized wiring, no ground, loose bond screws, etc.

And no, I don't try do everything: I refer work regularly to a licensed plumber and a licensed electrician. I also pay the electrician to inspect my work, just to be safe. Most of my work is for charities & lower income persons who cannot afford to hire electricians for the grunt work.

Remember, schooling and licensing do not guarantee competency & professionalism -- personal ethics do.


By the way, a good plumber would be as unimpressed as you guys are.