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 Pools and Hot Tubs

Don't you owe them the Best?

Pool and Hot Tub wiring is often one of the more challenging types of Electrical work. It has many specific rules associated with it. These rules can also change from time to time so it is important to keep abreast of things. 

Please Remember,
Water and Electricity
do not Mix!

Have this work done right!

     There are very specific codes pertaining to the type of wiring and equipment permitted around Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs. This is definitely a job for a Licensed Electrician. This should be a dedicated line, (it's own breaker) GFCI protected, and installed according to all applicable codes.

These codes pertain to:

  • Type and Method of Wiring
  • Type and Location of Receptacles
  • Bonding of metal parts
  • GFCI protection
  • Depth of Buried Wiring
  • Distance from any existing wiring
  • other items depending on situation

Read about GFCI protection for Pools/Tubs

 Don't take chances,
Have the work done right the first time!
No Worries!!  ...  The Way it Should Be!

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The World's largest online resource for Pool and Hot Tub Spa owners.

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