The following Schematics were drawn by ECN Member Neal Burdick using AutoCAD Release 2000.
Neal submitted these to me in AutoCAD Release 14 format to view his work.

I suggested to post them here for all to see and comment on.
Look for discussion thread named:

"ECN Member submitted Xformer Drawings"

In the General Discussion area.


P.S. If others wish to submit AutoCAD drawings to me for viewing and / or posting, please save as "Release 14" or R14 type .DWG file format, then send the R14 type .DWG files to me via E-Mail.
(I cannot open R2000 or higher files since I am sticking with R14 until either Santa Claus drops a full version of R2000 under the tree, R2000 falls off the truck and comes to rest at my feet, or I hit the Lottery and win at least $2,500.00 to buy a single site license full version!).

Feel free to zip them if possible. Prefer PKZIP 2.60xx for MS enviroments (Winders' 9x, NT4 / 2000 type GUIs).


Drawings bee-low!!!

[Linked Image]

Fig. 1-1: file name = tdetm1.gif

[Linked Image]

Fig. 1-2: file name = tdetm2.gif

[Linked Image]

Fig. 1-3: file name = tdetm3.gif

[Linked Image]

Fig. 1-4: file name = tdetm4.gif

end as of 10/18/2002 by S.E.T.

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