well i have just had a really good night out, except for a good mate of mine saying that, `you can work in spain as an electrician without the right qualifications, permits etc etc,

Not being wordly wise on this countries electrical policy etc,

i thought i would throw the ball around and see what information i caould get.

here as follows is the scean;

an electrician friend of mine is moving to spain to open an art gallery,

he wants to re wire the whole of the buiding and install halogen lighting to the main gallery area,

i said that he cannot re wire the building without the correct permits, he cannot pull permits because he is only qualified in england,

my question is;
how does he fair on this, can he do the work and get a local sparky in to chack it, or does he have to get a local contractor to do the work from scratch.

i need to know because this `mate` is begining to annoy me!!!

thanks for your input !!

John H