Warning: Misrepresented Moulded Case Circuit Breakers Sold as New - Potentially Hazardous.

Investigations by Moulded Case Circuit Breaker manufacturers and Certification authorities have brought forward evidence that a number of equipment dealers have been selling used, rebuilt and reconditioned moulded case circuit breakers without disclosing that these were not new. In some instances, the fact that these are not new breakers is concealed by the use of counterfeit CSA International certification and product labels mirroring those applied to the breakers by their original manufacturer. It appears that many electrical distributors have purchased such breakers, and, however unwittingly, resold them as new.

This investigation has also revealed that, in many instances, the used and rebuilt moulded case breakers that are being marketed as new fail to meet original performance specifications established by the manufacturer and CSA International. In some instances, the breakers perform far below such standards, and, for this or other reasons, may present serious health and safety concerns.

In view of the evidence, Electro-Federation Canada's Low Voltage Distribution Equipment Section strongly recommends that users of Industrial Moulded Case Circuit Breakers check their records and stocks to ensure that the breakers that they have purchased are traceable, without alteration, to the original circuit breaker manufacturer. Any Industrial Moulded Case Circuit Breaker sold as new that cannot be traced directly to the original circuit breaker manufacturer may be a used, rebuilt or remanufactured product.

In addition, it is strongly recommended that purchasers of new Industrial Moulded Case Circuit Breakers specifically require traceability to the original circuit breaker manufacturer. Only in this manner can the user be assured of receiving the new product that is desired.

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