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Posted By: Admin Another Flying Splice.... - 03/30/04 05:04 AM
[Linked Image]
flying splice above new install

- richard
Posted By: GA76JW Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 03/31/04 01:05 AM
What's with all the wire-nuts in there? I am really not sure, but is that against code also. I have always been told to keep wire-nuts out of a panel and that an inspector does not like to see that.

Can anyone confirm if that is a violation also or if it is just common practice?
Posted By: CTwireman Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 03/31/04 01:45 AM

The wire connectors are not against code at all, as long as they don't fill more than 75 % of the cross-sectional area of the panelboard. See 312.8 of the 2002 NEC. That does not appear to be a problem in this picture.

An inspector may not like to see the wirenuts, but there's nothing he can do about it. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Jim M Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 03/31/04 01:51 AM
It is a shame that 'neat and workmanlike' is unenforceable. To see a new install that looks this poor I can't find an excuse for. I certainly wouldn't feel that I got my monies worth had I paid either a employee or contracted the work.
Posted By: n1ist Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 03/31/04 03:48 AM
I know it says new install, but that really looks like a combination of a panel replacement with new circuits (the colored romex) added. That would explain all the wire nuts to extend the old stuff. I guess the flying splice was too short to make it into the panel... It also looks like some of the cable clamps have more than the one allowed piece of romex in them.
Posted By: electure Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 03/31/04 11:28 AM
And then there's the issue of the staples
Posted By: richard Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 03/31/04 11:30 PM
our company was called after the inspector red tagged the splice. This panel is a 200 amp upgrade from the old 100 that was there. I would have to guess that this was a green helper that did this, because the outside looks fine. It was a shame the customer didn't call us first.
Posted By: Electricmanscott Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 03/31/04 11:43 PM
Is this really that bad? Splice excluded, it looks not much different than the average service upgrade.
Posted By: DougW Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 04/01/04 01:43 AM
When I redid Grandma's service (see pics here

I was originally going to install a gutter to terminate the NM into, then use 3/4" EMT nipples to the new CB Panel with THHN inbetween. Luckily there was enough line to play with where I didn't wind up "extending" every run w/wirenuts, and was able to install the new panel in a good spot.

The only possible violation I can see (other than the flier, and possible 12AWG extensions of 14AWG NM conductors - L side of panel) is multiple NM's per connector at the top of the panel box (3rd from right side)...

Agree it is ugly [Linked Image] ...

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Posted By: n1ist Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 04/01/04 01:43 AM
I just noticed the white wire on the upper left 220V breaker...
Posted By: Edward Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 04/02/04 03:11 AM
As long as stuff works we are ok right?????? :P
Posted By: Lostazhell Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 04/03/04 06:59 AM
This install looks like it was done right before happy hour! Even with the wirenuts, this could have been done alot neater!

No support on the romex to the far left top or a few on the right...

I am curious why a semi-flush installation wasn't done here without the backboard... Now there's a gaping hole in the wall. If someone attempts to fill the hole,I think 334.12(A)(10)(b) would be violated...

Posted By: Obsaleet Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 04/05/04 02:11 AM
Is this the main? Why are the grounds isolated? I don't see a bonding screw/connection. And what ever happened to 1/4" of jacket in an enclosure.
Posted By: ShOcKeR Re: Another Flying Splice.... - 04/09/04 05:32 AM
This job is just embarrassing. I mean , it must of been remodeled in and with all the room why could this not be done a little nicer? Im relly trying to find an excuse here... [Linked Image]
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