Hi folks,

Well in the recent months I have been scouring the Internet in regard to becoming an electrician. It appears there are several different paths to take one there. Currently I finished my education in physics and am not having a successful time in employment and job satisfaction. I am very interested in moving along the career path of becoming an electrician in working with construction and inspection on the self-employment level.

My background includes circuit design, so I know a fair amount about analog and digital devices. However I know that working, as an electrician with code and other aspects is a different ball game. What I prepared to do is enter what appears to be the 4-year career path to become an Electrician.

What I really would like to know is where I should begin my training. I am having a difficult time finding a starting point in the field. I would like education and apprenticeship for a competent capable individual that will take me to high level of acceptance.

I would greatly appreciate anything that can be offered to me on a local resource level. Are there programs that I can start that will put me on the job in an accelerated manner? What sort of programs would best suit my needs to work into certification and full acceptance with in the industry?

I really appreciate any assistance in my quest.

Thank you,