I have to post simply to express frustration. I have in the past created tables which show the minimum switch or receptacle that would be acceptable on jobs. It took quite a while to research and I just hoped that I had done it right. Well in updating all this to include the TR and WR devices now that the manufacturers seem to have a decent variety (beyond residential quality), and I am just going round in circles trying to put something together. Especially since TR's aren't Federal Spec (yet?) thinking that they may just haven't been tested yet.

Anybody know of something that is already put together for commercial grade and industrial grade? Not just something that crosses like numbers but like quality.

I trying to avoid having garbage like the Eagle receptacles and switches that broke in my hand while installing them (just before they sold out to Cooper), or the Leviton residential receptacles in my home that can only hold a plug if you spread the plug prongs out after only a year if they were in an area that is used.

I will praise the ground you walk upon. But even if someone just shares what they have found that is poor. I am partial to Hubbell and assume Bryant is decent, yet I supply cross for equivalent in Cooper, Leviton, and Pass & Seymour.