As you may (or may not know) May is National Electrical Safety Month. Is anyone involved in anything special out there? Just curious what goes on in the rest of the places.

On this issue I have a suggestion that I think is a good one. Every year at this time I get a series of telephone calls asking for my help in promoting Safety by different local Media. They will read (or sometimes sing!) some commercial they have made up with my company name in it trying to get my advertising $$ in the name of Safety.

My suggestion is to write to these people, send them an email (most have websites) and ask for their help in promoting Electrical safety by being careful to get more correct details in their news reports and articles regarding Electrical-Related incidents. They will be informing their readers/listeners better and giving them some really useful information that may help them understand why these accidents happen. I think that most are just 'blown-off' as some freak thing that happened and not many give it a second thought. Most will just probably think that this person was in the wrong place at the wrong time and that's where it ends.

If the actual reason for these accidents or deaths could be publicized (in general terms) it would show that in most cases, these things would not have happened if the installations were performed by Qualified people according to code. How about some statistics on these incidents? Who did the work? It seems like the only accidents worthy of investigatiion and publicity are those involving Bus Shelters and Light Poles.

Does the media near you ever delve into local (Electrical) accidents to determine the actual cause?


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