It was "220, 221, whatever it takes" in response to Martin Mull's "You putting in 220?" ahhh i stand corrected. thanx larry.
but i think the labor is lessend when one uses 3-wire over two..landing in panel,stapeling,running straight and pretty not twisted and such. plus its easier(imho)to run 3-wire hommies to hall outlets for some crazy reason if one must troubleshoot(who said trouble?). thats just the way i learned.

yes when i said 2 pole i ment individual trip. two afi's sharing a neut.

Bear in mind when you go over 3 current carrying conductors you start derating.

gfretwell wouldn't the neutral only count as current carrying if there were harmonic distoration present granted one could plug anything into an outlet and present this but should we anticipate this? dunno just asking...knowledge is a beautiful thing!

14-4 huh? will look into this wire a simple solution to a shared nuet.

thanks guys appreciate the help.