A have a question that perhaps someone can help me with.

A just purchased a new home & each room has 3 light switches together with 1 face plate.

The switches operate a fan with a light attached to it & a switched outlet for a lamp.

one switch works the fan, another works the light on the fan & the third works a switched electrical outlet

my question is there any code requirement that says the switches should be hooked up in any order.

in one room the first switch works the fan, middle switch works the light & the third switch works the outlet.

in another room the first switch works the light, middle works the fan & third works the outlet.

each room has a different pattern.

In addition, the rec room has 6 ceiling mounted recessed lighting, each controlled by a separate switch above a L shaped bar.

6 switches next to each other. I would think that the first switch would work the first light, second switch the second light etc.

But the first switch works the third light, second switch the fourth light, third switch the first light.

We can never get the right light on the first try. When guests come over, forget about it.

If some one could advise me if I have any basis to insist the electrical contractor correct this would be appreciated.

He said he would change it to what ever I want but he would charge me for it.

I can not even locate the code to see if this is addressed therein.

Thank you very much.