Here's my plan...

Seperate the computers from the faxes and printers.

Run dedicated neutrals and an ISO ground as well as an equipment ground with a single hot conductor in its own conduit for each circuit I need. (one should be enough, the printers and fax can stay on the old circuit. Only three computers share the new circuit.)

Put the computers on ISO ground outlets.

Warn against the use of cheaper UPS devices (?) and reneg on my statement that UPS's help condition the power. (My tongue tries to be smarter than my brain sometimes...)

Quad receptacles are already there. Should I use seperate boxes, or can I convert one receptacle for computer use and one for printer use?

May I use 12-4 w/G MC Cable and use the red for the ISO ground? The last twenty feet is impossible to pipe.

Do I tape the red wire if I'm allowed to use it for the ISO ground?

Should I go ahead and file a power quality complaint with the PoCo and get an oscilloscope on site?

What else should I do? This is a valuable customer...

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