I have inspected three MRIs in my area. I learned as I inspected and can say the last one was completely in compliance with the Code.
Biggest problem is that the MRI techs will insist that wiring be done in PVC because of the magnetic field. They ignore Section 517.13 that requires METAL conduit. They also think that individual conductors can be run from the ends of the PVC to the RF filters without being in conduit because the RFs are not supplied with any kind of connector for a raceway.
The last one I approved was done in ALUMINUM conduit with AL. boxes and fittings. The filters had threaded ends. Alum. flex over six feet does not comply.
This applies only to the wiring for the lights, recpts. etc. The feeder to the machine is allowed to be in PVC, because it is not a Branch Circuit.
The MRI Techs said they had never seen one in conduit before and they were installing them all over the country.
This is a patient care area.
The panels in the room were bonded with a copper mesh (for degaussing ?) and bonded to the building steel outside the room. The metal raceways also created a bond when fastened to the walls.
Remember NO PVC. 517.13.
Make sure the electrician, the inspector and the suppier of the MRI equipment TALK to each other before it becomes an expensive change or a non-complying installation.
I believe Stainless Steel is also acceptable in a magnetic field but, that needs to be checked out. Good Luck.

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