Hey Folks, I'm back with some serious questions regarding a project Musser Electric has taken on.

We're installing a 7200V Primary Single phase cable (10KV, full neutral, #2 AWG Cu) in 3" Conduit between two Transformer pads. Open faced Transformers requiring Load Break Ells and Neither me nor Joe Musser have worked on anything above 600V. PoCo won't touch it, US Forestry land and privately owned by the Gov't. We bid it so high we never thought we'd actually get the job.

So, now we're scrambling...

Where can I find 10KV #2AWG Cu Cable (less than $3 a foot)? My supplier can only get 15KV - overkill by 2x.

We're also a little nervous about landing this cable with our limited knowledge of such potential.

Plus: How many pull boxes should we use? Can it be done in one pull?

Any and all advice is appreciated.

PS: Joe's brother who is the lineman we were hoping to use is canoeing the Colorado River right now and will be unavailable... Drat!

Thanks in advance...


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