I just got an ancient 3-phase air compressor for a renovation project. Built 2 20 1946. Compressor would be about 5cfm free air, as the piston swept volume is around 100cc. The present starter is not original & has been set at 3A. I have the original which is a crude 3-phase DOL toggle-switch. The problem is that the brass motor plate is marked only with-
(translated from the french).
4 pole 3ph 50hz cos.p 0.8
210/364 volts. 1400 rpm.
The 'Amps' square is blank- looks like it's been rubbed off. Motor was wired Wye.
Is there a way to determine a safe setting for motor overloads on a new starter?
The makers have long vanished.
I intend to fit a new pressure switch, safety valve and starter.

Wood work but can't!